SE “NAEK “Energoatom” audits IFAZ

During the period from 06-07 December, at Ivano-Frankivsk valve plant, the audit team of state enterprise “NAEK” Energoatom” conducted an inspection of the company in accordance with the “Assessment Program of the supplier of SE “NAEK” Energoatom”. During the inspection the audit team learned the technical documentation on valves manufacturing, documentation of the management system, and complex of actions which are taken in order to ensure the quality of products. In addition, representatives evaluated production and warehouse facilities, laboratories, equipment and processes for the development, design and manufacture of products.

According to the results of the audit, it was suggested to issue PrJSC “IFAZ” Statement of approval Ivano-Frankivsk valves plant as supplier of the SE “NAEK” Energoatom” for a term of 5 years. This Statement applies to the design, manufacture and supply of special application valves   and general industry valves for the 4th class on NP 306.2.141-2008, as well as the repair of pipeline valves and engineering support.