Quality Policy

Quality Policy

With proclamation of this policy Top management of PrJSC “IFAZ” undertakes obligations to comply with requirements of International standard ІSO 9001-2008, to implement principle of “constant improvement”.

The policy is integral part of enterprise’s strategy, that is: designing, construction and production of pipeline valves for nuclear, oil and gas, as well as power industry.

Mission of PrJSC “IFAZ” is doing business with purpose to obtain profit in the interests of shareholders, maximization of shareholder’s wellness by means of increasing market value of Company’s shares and receiving of dividends by shareholders.

Priority of the enterprise’s activity is providing safety before to obtaining production and economic benefit, especially at the objects where nuclear energy is used.

PrJSC “Ivano-Frankivsk Valves plant” manages all its production processes in such a way in order to provide safety of employees, Buyer and population by fulfilling norms and requirements of legislative and regulatory documents and acts.

The Policy is basic for setting targets and methods for their achievement.

Foundation for PrJSC “IFAZ” System’s functioning is complying with organizational and technical principles:

  • work planning;
  • estimation of resources’ needs;
  • fulfilling the requirements of construction and delivery of products to production;
  • introducing new equipment and new production processes;
  • delivery of products with long storage term;
  • estimation of volumes and terms of production;
  • regulatory and documentary supply of production;
  • quality control in production;
  • assuring necessary qualifications of the stuff;
  • performing principle of continuous improvement of products and processes.

Top management realizes that main arbitrator and source of wellness for the enterprise is Buyer and on this reason claims about impossibility of taking compromise decisions or deviations from accepted trend at the expense of limitation Buyer’s interests or declining legislative requirements.

The policy is presented to all employees of the enterprise and is accessible for Buyer, Suppliers and Shareholders.

The Policy of the enterprise is valid for kinds of activity of the enterprise that are defined in the Charter.