Supply under the contract for the needs of Belarusian NPP has been completed

PrJSC “IFAZ” has shipped the last batch of valves in quantity 20 units under the contract for the needs of Belarusian NPP. In total, 71 units of valves DN200 were manufactured under this contract.
It is worth to say that construction work is currently carried out at the Belarusian NPP Unit 2. Recently, the Ministry of Energy of Belarus has announced the start of fuel loading at the Belarusian NPP Unit 1

We work without interruptions and ship on time!

IFAZ has shipped 27 units of pipeline valves under the contract for the needs of the Belarusian NPP. Timely delivery became possible only thanks to our experienced team of specialists who worked faithfully in the production areas during the quarantine!
We value the health of each of our employees and follow all the recommendations of the Ministry of Health!
We value each of our customers!


Valves for Belarusian NPP

In 2020, a new contract for the supply of valves for the needs of the Belarusian NPP was concluded with our intermediary in the Republic of Belarus LLC “BelSpetsArmatura”. Today, June 25, the first batch of products DN200 in the amount of 24 units was shipped.bel-1

Supply of goods to NPP in India

Koodankulam-1Ivano-Frankivsk Valves Plant is in the active process of production on a new export contract. The first batch of goods in a total quantity of 10 units has been already shipped for the needs of Kudankulam NPP. Products with diameters of DN800 and DN1000 in total of 132 units are manufactured under this contract.Koodankulam-2

Gate valves for Rivne NPP

ia11165-300-1Ivano-Frankivsk valves plant has recently delivered gate valves ИА11165 nominal diameter of 300 mm to Rivne NPP. The valves will be installed at pipelines of the emergency pressure relief systems from the hermetic cooling system.      ia11165-300-2

The work on a batch of gate valves ИА11095 was completed.

The high quality of the products manufactured by PJSC “IFAZ” is achieved thanks to the troublesome efforts of our specialists, starting with the marketing department and ending with the logistics bureau. The years of experience on the pipeline valves market helps us to make a quick respond to modern customer requests and to develop new types of products. So, the other day, the work on a batch of gate valves ИА11095 DN200 for the Ukrainian industrial enterprise was completed.

The batch of the gate valves ИA11072 was manufactured

11072-1According to the contract with PJSC “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih”, the batch of the gate valves ИA11072 DN800 with retractable spindle was manufactured at the capacities of PJSC “Ivano-Frankivsk valve plant”. Working environment of the gate valve ИA11072 may be: water, steam, oil. Joining ends: flanged or welded. Control: manual through gearbox.

Gate valves ИА11165 DN400

ia11165-1Work is continuing now on a batch of gate valves ИА11165, DN400, with electric drive in the workshops of PJSC “IFAZ”. Such type of valves is intended for installation at NPP as shut off devices at pipelines of safety systems. A part of the products has been successfully tested and is ready for shipment to the customer – Rivne NPP.


Swing check gates for CE “Chernivtsivodokanal”

In order to prevent the backflow of fluid on the technological pipelines for general industrial application, swing check gates, including ИA44078, manufactured by PJSC “Ivano-Frankivsk Valves Plant” are installed. In particular, according to the latest orders, swing check gates DN600 have been shipped to the CE “Chernivtsivodokanal”.