Collaboration with the European valve manufacturer

body-1According to the contract with one of the European manufacturer of valves, PJSC “IFAS” completed in March 2019 the order for processing a trial lot of bodies DN300 according to the customer’s drawings. Thus, our company expands its activities to enter the market of international manufacturers of pipeline valves according to the API standards. Recently, the processing of the next batch of shells under the new contract in the workshops of the plant has began.


Manufacturing of swing check gates ИA44077

Another batch of products was shipped to foreign customers. Swing check gates ИA44077 DN600 produced by PrJSC “Ivano-Frankivsk valves plant” will be operated at the nuclear power plant.
Additionally: Swing check gates ИA44077  are constructed for installation at pipelines of NPP and in safety systems to prevent return flow of working medium.
Connection: welded.
Range of working temperature: to +250°С.
DN: 100-1000.
Work pressure: from 2,5 MPa to 12 MPa.

Swing check gates ИA44078 DN200

Today, a batch of swing check gates ИA44078 DN200 (4 pcs.) was shipped to the customer – Zaporizhzhya NPP. The manufactured products are intended for use on technological pipelines of common industrial application and on pipelines of auxiliary systems of NPP in order to prevent backflow of fluid.3 1

Delivery to SE “Zaporizhzhya NPP”

ia11072PJSC “IFAZ” continues manufacturing products in order of SE «NNEGC «Energoatom». So, the other day the work on the gate valve ИA11072 DN 500 with an electric drive was completed. It will be supplied to SE “Zaporizhzhya NPP”.
Additionally: Gate valves ИA11072 are constructed for installation as shut-off devices at technological pipelines for general industry application and auxiliary NPP systems.
Connection: welded or flanged.
Range of working temperature: to +425°С.
DN: 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1500.
Working pressure: 0,1 MPa; 0,16 MPa; 0,4 MPa; 0,6 MPa; 1,0 MPa; 1,6 MPa; 2,5 MPa.

Gate valves for Belarusian NPP

ia11165-1PJSC “Ivano-Frankivsk Valves Plant” continues the active collaboration with its dealer in the Republic of Belarus – LLC “BelSpetsArmatura”. As a result, new production contracts are concluded. Recently, a batch of 3 units of gate valves ИA11165 DN200 was shipped for the Belarusian NPP.

Additionally:Gate valves ИA11165 are constructed for installation at NPP as shut off devices at pipelines of safety systems.
Connection: welded.
Range of working temperatures: to +250°С.
DN: 50-800.
Work pressure:-1,0 MPa for DN 50-150.
-2,5 MPa for DN 50-800.

Certificate ISO Received

PRJSC «Ivano-Frankivsk valve plant» reports that the company has developed a documented management system that meets the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001. On September 28, 2001, it was put into effect.
In December 2018, the company successfully passed a regular review of the compliance of the management system of Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS – UK Branch. Thus, it was confirmed that the Management System of the Private Joint Stock Company “Ivano-Frankivsk Valve Plant ” was tested and meets the requirements of the international standard for the ISO 9001 management system, Fifth edition, 15.09.2015.
Certificate No. Received UA229101, Version: 0. Revision Date: December 21, 2018. The certificate is valid until January 14, 2022.


Manufacture of check valves

IMG_20181218_093121PJSC “Ivano-Frankivsk valve plant” completed the manufacture and shipped a batch of check valves ИА44078 DN 200 in the amount of 11 pieces for the needs of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant.
Additionally: Are constructed for installation in order to prevent backflow of fluid on the technological pipelines for general industrial application and on the pipelines of auxiliary systems of NPP.
Connection: welded or flanged.
Range of working temperatures to +450°С.
DN 100-600.
Work pressure from 2,5 MPa to 8,0 MPa.


4th Quarter 2018

The fourth quarter of 2018 was saturated and productive for PJSC “Ivano-Frankivsk valve plant”.
In particular, the company manufactured and shipped:

  • special low pressure gate valves DN 300 (9 pcs.) – equipment for Ukrainian NPPs;
  • shut-off valves (7 pcs.) – for nuclear power plants, Republic of Belarus;
  • gate valves (7 pcs.) – for the needs of the Ukrainian enterprise.
  • shackle – spare parts for the valve (8 pcs.) – for Taiwan NPP (Republic of China);
  • non-standard equipment (16 pcs.) – for hydropower plants in the Czech Republic.
  • gate valves АА 11165 DN 300 (12 pcs.) – delivery to NPPs;
  • check valves DN 600 (5 pcs.) – for the needs of Ukrainian enterprises.

New Year Celebration

Folk wisdom says: “Who does not know how to rest, does not know how to work,” and we are completely in agreement with this. Therefore, we were glad to support the initiative of the leadership of PRJSC «Ivano-Frankivsk Valve Plant» to organize a corporate party.
The friendly staff of the plant (200 employees) diligently argued its ability to have fun and relax on 20.12.2018. in the restaurant “Nadiya”. So, nobody left any doubt that we are not only super-dancers, but also super-workers (photo and video evidence are given below).
Thanks to everyone for their wonderful mood and positive emotions!