1967 The project of IFAZ as the focused enterprise for production of regulating valves of 18 nominal sizes was developed by GIDROPONIIKHIMMASH in Alma-Ata.

1968 The construction of the valve production plant with the production area of 60,000.00 sq.m. was started in the southern suburbs of Ivano-Frankovsk. 20 mln. rubles were assigned to the construction, including 16 mln. assigned to the industrial engineering.

1971 The acceptance protocol on placing in operation the first production facilities was signed on September 30. The production of the first products, the matching flanges, was started in October.

1973 Hermetic valves Ду 20-1200, swing gates Ду 400-1600, matching flanges Ду 16-1200 are placed in production. The central plant laboratory is established in July. The production of small fittings Ду 200-600 is started.

1974 The first facilities for stamped flanges production are placed in operation.

1976 The large-scale production of the stamped flanges is started.

1977 The technical reconstruction is made. The production site is provided with advanced equipment, including numerically controlled machines.

1979 The workshop for the atomic power plants fittings production is established within workshop No.3 area. Production of wedge-action valves Ду 300-400 is started. Special radiographic and capillary methods for metal and welding seams control are applied to ensure the high quality.

1985 The construction is finished upon placing in operation the woodshop (container workshop).

1993 Ivano-Frankovsk plant is awarded an International Golden Star for the Quality by a Entrepreneurial Initiative for its outstanding contribution to the business world, high rates and professionalism demonstrated by a prestigious B.I.D. execution.

1994 The plant is reorganized into IFAZ Open Joint-Stock Company.

2001 The design documentation and technological preparation for the five new products production start-up is made. Six new technologies of flanges stamping and mechanic processing for export according to DIN are implemented.

2001 Quality system certification according to ISO 9001 international standards.

2003 Ivano-Frankivsk valve production plant OJSC is a winner in “Exporting Enterprise 2003” nomination.

2004 Ivano-Frankivsk valve production plant OJSC is a winner in “Successful Industrial Enterprise 2004” nomination.

2007 The traditional annual Triumph-2006 ceremony of awarding enterprises-leaders of economic progress was held in Ivano-Frankovsk.
Ivano-Frankovsk valve production plant OJSC is a winner in “Successful Industrial Enterprise 2006” nomination.

2011 Open Joint-Stock Company «Ivano-Frankivsk valve plant» is renamed to Public Joint-Stock Company «Ivano-Frankivsk valve plant» based on decision of General Shareholders Meeting (Minute №19 as of 15.04.2011) and State registration of charter changes